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Installation Information

Windows Defender

Please note that during the installation, Windows Defender may display a warning message due to the application's limited usage by other users. Rest assured, there are no issues with the PlainProxies Proxy Tester. To continue the installation, click "More info" and then select "Run anyway." We appreciate your understanding as we work to address this matter.

  • Easy-to-use Interface

    The PlainProxies Proxy Tester offers a user-friendly interface that requires no technical expertise. With its intuitive design, you can start testing proxies effortlessly.

  • Proxy Performance Testing

    Test the performance of your proxies by measuring their response times, latency, and throughput. Identify proxies that deliver optimal speed and reliability.

  • Proxy Reliability Analysis

    Evaluate the reliability of your proxies by checking their uptime, stability, and success rates. Identify proxies that provide consistent and dependable connections.

  • Multiple Proxy Support

    Efficiently test a large number of proxies simultaneously. PlainProxies Proxy Tester supports batch testing, enabling you to evaluate multiple proxies in a single run.

  • Real-time Results

    Get instant and real-time feedback on the performance and reliability of your proxies. PlainProxies Proxy Tester provides up-to-date metrics and statistics for quick analysis.

  • Compatibility and Integration

    Integrate PlainProxies Proxy Tester seamlessly into your existing workflows. It supports a wide range of proxy formats and can be integrated with other proxy management tools.

What is a proxy tester?

A proxy tester is a software tool designed to assess the performance and reliability of proxies. Proxies act as intermediaries between a user and the internet, allowing them to browse the web anonymously or bypass certain restrictions. A proxy tester evaluates proxies by measuring their response times, latency, throughput, uptime, stability, and success rates. It helps users identify proxies that offer optimal speed, reliability, and consistent connections. By providing real-time feedback and comprehensive reports, a proxy tester enables users to make informed decisions when selecting and managing proxies for their specific needs.

How does this proxy tester work?

The PlainProxies Proxy Tester utilizes the power of curl, a command-line tool and library for making HTTP requests, to perform proxy testing. It follows a straightforward approach to assess proxy availability. Using the HTTP HEAD request method, the proxy tester sends a minimal request to the specified proxy server. By examining the response, it determines whether the proxy is accessible or not. This method allows for quick and efficient testing, focusing on the proxy's availability rather than fetching complete web content. By leveraging curl and its capabilities, the PlainProxies Proxy Tester ensures a reliable evaluation of proxy servers, enabling users to make informed decisions based on the availability and accessibility of their proxies.

Does it support IPv6?

Yes, the PlainProxies Proxy Tester fully supports IPv6. It is equipped to handle and evaluate proxies based on both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. Whether you are testing residential, data center, or specialized IPv6 proxies, our proxy tester is designed to accommodate and assess their performance and reliability effectively. If you're interested in exploring IPv6 proxies further, you can visit PlainProxies IPv6 Proxy for more information and options regarding IPv6 proxies.

Is this proxy checker free?

Yes, the PlainProxies Proxy Tester is available as a free tool. You can utilize its features and capabilities without any cost. We believe in providing accessible and valuable resources to the community, and our proxy checker is one such offering. Enjoy testing the performance and reliability of your proxies with our free proxy checker.