Always wanted to set up your own 4G mobile proxy? We'll show you how in this article.

What are mobile proxies?

4G proxies are proxies that use a cellular network to access the internet. These proxies provide users with a higher level of anonymity and security compared to using a regular IP address, as they can be used to mimic the behavior of a user accessing the internet from a mobile device.

Mobile proxies are also used to bypass geographical restrictions, as they can be used to access location-specific content.

Mobile IP addresses

A cellular IP pool allows devices with a mobile Internet connection to automatically assign themselves an IP address from the pool when they are on a particular network.

In contrast, a static IP pool involves manually assigning a fixed IP address to each device.

The advantage of a cellular IP pool is that it has to be used by many devices at the same time, so 4g proxies are not blocked as fast as regular proxies and have a higher success rate on almost any site since it takes longer to detect an abuse.

How to Create 4G Proxy on Android Phones: (Turn Your Phone Into your own Mobile Proxy)

Before we can start we still need a few things. In this article we will look at an easy to use setup, with things that everyone already has at home and no additional hardware is needed.

Now grab your Android Phone, open your browser and install the proxidize app. There are many apps on the marked but this one turned out to work the best.

This Software will run a local HTTP Server in the background to provide the proxy server.


Download the Proxidize APK: DOWNLOAD

Android is curretnly the only Operating system wich Proxidize support.

Next, we need any SIM card with an Internet plan. Please note that the prices for mobile internet vary greatly depending on the mobile carriers. This will work with both physical and E-sim cards.

May you also connect the power supply to your mobile device, since using the cellular network can quickly drain your battery.

When running on mobile network only you will not have static IP addresses assigned to your device so we need to tunnel the connections from the user to the proxy server. The advantage of tunneling is that we do not need an external ethernet cable over which the requests are sent.

Let's setup the proxy user

phone settings

Now all you have to do is click on "Connect" and you have turned your mobile phone into a secure 4g proxy.

The IP shown on the display is the outgoing proxy from your mobile phone. You can now use this proxy in any software of your choice.

Note that the proxy uses a user and password for authentication, and not all programs support this method.

Rotation/Changing the IP (How to Change Mobile Proxy Android IP Address Using Airplane Mode)

Proxidize Android Legacy has built-in rotation. To set it up, you need to set the app as the default assistant in your settings.

Automatically Changing the IP Address:

Proxidize Android Legacy allows you to set a rotation/IP change interval. To use it, you need to:

  1. Press "AUTO CHANGE IP" button.

  2. Select the rotation interval you wish to use.

  3. Select a time in minutes. Anything less than 30 minutes will harm your phone.

  4. Press "SET" and your settings will be applied.

Changing the IP Manually:

To change the IP address manually, you simple need to press the change IP button.

Changing the IP via URL/API:

Proxidize Android Legacy generates an IP change link/URL/API that you can use anywhere to change the IP.

To change the IP using the rotation link, you need to:

  1. Copy the change IP URL under "IP Change Link/API" by pressing the "COPY" button.

  2. Use the link anywhere or send a GET request to it.

A success response is:


Supported Android Versions & Devices

Proxidize Android Legacy supports all armeabi-v7a running Android 6.0 to Android 12

Supported Android API from API 23 to API 31.

Deploying Your Own Server

Proxidize Android Legacy allows you to deploy your own tunneling server to avoid using shared/congested servers. To do that, you need to:

  1. Create a new server on any host. Make sure you're on a public network with all the ports publicly accessible.

  2. Edit configuration file to add your server information.

  3. Edit CUSTOM SERVER fields to add your new server.


  • Server IP =

  • Make sure the server is x86-64 or AMD64 running Ubuntu 20.04

  • SSH into your server

     ssh [email protected]
  • Clone this repo

    git clone 
  • Enter the repo directory

    cd ./proxidize-android 
  • Edit the server.ini file to add an authentication token

     vi or nano ./server/server.ini 
  • Add the following info, replacing PORT and TOKEN with your own values. Keep the port value as 2000 unless you have a reason to change it.

    bind_port = PORT
    token = TOKEN
  • TOKEN is used to authenticate which clients are allowed to connect to this server. It can be any random set of characters such as 12345678.

  • Start the server

    setsid ./server/server -c ./server/server.ini &
  • Add the new server information to your application by going to menu > Change Server > Custom.

  • HOST = The new server public IP address. In this example it's

    Binding Port = The port your selected.

    Token = The token you selected.

  • Save the details, exit the app and open it again and hit connect. You will now connect to your new tunneling server.

Why you should setup your own mobile proxy

The proxy market is constantly evolving, and the introduction of 4G mobile proxies marks a new era in internet connectivity and security. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits and use cases of 4G mobile proxies.

Speed and Reliability

One of the key advantages of mobile proxies is their speed and reliability. 4G mobile proxies provide high-speed internet connections that are ideal for tasks such as web scraping and automation. With the latest 4G technology, users can be sure that they have access to fast and stable connections.

Anonymity and Security

Another advantage of 4G mobile proxies is their ability to provide anonymity and security. With 4G mobile proxies, users can be sure that their IP address is hidden and that their online activity is protected from prying eyes. This makes 4G mobile proxies a great choice for web scraping where the goal is to extract data from websites without being detected.

Bypassing IP-based Blocking

Mobile proxies are designed to bypass IP-based blocking, which is often used by websites and services to prevent automated access. By using multiple users and headless browsers, 4G mobile proxies can provide a wide range of IP addresses that can be used to access websites and services without being detected.

Benefits for Automation Software

4G mobile proxies also offer a significant advantage over traditional proxies when it comes to automation. This software often requires fast and reliable internet connectivity, and 4G mobile proxies are specifically designed to provide these connections. With 4G mobile proxies, users can run their automation software with confidence.

Multiple User Support

4G proxies are also designed to be used by multiple users simultaneously. This makes them an ideal choice for users who are looking to run multiple instances of automation programs or who are looking to access websites and services from multiple locations.


The proxy industry is constantly evolving, and 4G mobile proxies represent the latest and most advanced technology in the industry. With their fast speeds, reliable connectivity, and ability to bypass IP-based blocking, 4G mobile proxies are the future of the industry. They are a great choice for anyone looking for a fast and reliable internet connection for web scraping, automation software, android app development, and more. So if you're looking to take your online activity to the next level, consider investing in a 4G mobile proxy farm today.